Run Check

Whether you are a novice or ‘seasoned’ runner the run check is an invaluable service which will ensure you are taking all the right steps to safeguarding yourself against common running injuries.

This is an individualised service which includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment of muscle strength, joint range of motion and neuromuscular control and co-ordination.

We will provide a bespoke rehabilitation and strength and conditioning program to address any musculoskeletal issues identified. We will also use specialised equipment to perform running gait video analysis to help identify any issues in running technique. We will discuss training loads and plan a running diary to progressively increase your running distances in a safe, progressive and achievable manner.

We understand that pelvic health symptoms such as urinary incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain can be common amongst female runners. We therefore offer the option to include a comprehensive pelvic health assessment as part of the run-check service. This aims to identify and address any issues that can be aggravated by running and impact upon your enjoyment, form, efficiency and success of the sport. Gráinne was highly instrumental in developing the first postnatal running guidelines which can be accessed here.

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